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About the Foundation

Our mission:

Broadband Foundation was established in 2007. Our mission is to patronize all kind of proposals and ideas, which are to support individuals, communities and organizations to make their best of the Internet and to make them able to join to the world of infocommunication. The Foundation is handling those projects prominently, which are in connection with broadband technologies. We also handle the struggle against of the Internet-usage obstructive elements - such as technical blocks, demotivation, lack of security knowledge - with high priority.


Hungarian Broadband Search Engine – help to choose amongst broadband services in your area

The Foundation takes the publicity of broadband services with high priority. It has developed and has been operating , validating the (www.szelessavkereso.hu) website, its search engine, and it is maintaining the database as well.

With this “Szélessávkereső” all users can easily find information about fast broadband connections (ADSL and cable) in their living area by street names and postal codes in Hungary. Users can also find information about the actual prices, bandwidths, providers and technologies.

As a part of the work, the Foundation has been working out – and still developing - the online learning materials on the website.




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